It isn’t likely that dating will become a “piece of cake” ever. By this, I mean you will always have to put in quality efforts to start, enjoy and sustain one. But mobile dating and app dating has made connecting as simple as it could get. These dating sites bring people you usually won’t be able to reach offline within your fingertips.
Again, the platform makes the dating itself simple. You don’t have to be embarrassed or afraid of asking anyone out. Expectedly, everyone on the platform is there to get hooked up. That’s a lot of burdens on your neck to start with. Also, it’s possible to build your relationship carefully and steadily through the virtual platforms and allow the process to grow into the depth you desire over time. You can even decide to restrict the relationship to the internet while you enjoy your privacy outside of the sites. Alternatively, you can easily opt out of the deal without so many struggles as you consider the relationship unhealthy.
However, in reality, these simplicity and ease of free dating apps and sites are mostly so theoretically. In the real world, it poses as many dangers as those in real life.
Let’s consider some of the dangers of online dating, but before them, we may also want to know if these dating services work for the users. Below are some of the statistics on dating apps and sites.
These statistics are gotten from datingsitesreviews
– 44% of the successful online dating reported their use of online dating sites led to marriages or a serious long-term relationship.
– In the United States alone, there are 6,747 companies who employ 9,592 people in providing online dating services.
– On app dating, both men and women initiate dating processes at an equal rate.
– 84% of single reported that they use online dating app to review their potential dates.
– Only in 2016, the Australians spent the sum of $11.65 billion on dating.
– 26% percent of users of premium dating sites are from the United States. 21% are from the United Kingdom while 17% are from Germany. About 5% of these users are from Saudi Arabia.
– Several countries like China and India are now reviewing the regulations of their dating sites to make them more secure for users.
– Most users of online dating sites want to choose partners who have about the same level of education as they have.
– Here is a shocker: 22% of millennials are of the opinion that technology has made finding love more difficult. Understandably, 125% of them are more likely to feel addicted to dating (because of technology) than the previous generation.
– The words, “I love you” get used by 35% of online daters within the first three months being engaged compare to 30% of offline daters that does same within the same time.
– It is also believe that dating sites’ match-making algorithm and questionnaires help in finding more suitable partners. This is believed to be boosting the possibilities of success in marriage than those consummated offline.
– Lastly, but unfortunately, 61% of singles believe the rise in the use of technology has reduced the ease and quality of our face-to-face interactions.
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